Podcast: 5G and Seeking Safe Technology for the Future

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A podcast by Ella Noah Bancroft Rinat has a bachelor in marketing and social science, and spent her career putting disruptive services and technologies in the hands of millions. Now as an ex-telco marketer, she is doing the opposite. She is now a mother of one living with her husband in the northern rivers, NSW, Australia. She has spent the past year, volunteering in stopping 5G in the Byron Shire and to work with the community on strategies to envisage a future with safe technology. Her 5G story is called WeAreNotSAM and you can find her on Instagram revealing telco insider info. Researcher Brené Brown said it best, because stories are data with a soul. That’s the key ingredient for successful marketing strategies, for activism and for creating positive change through marketing campaigns and initiatives. In this conversation we talk about the implication of 5G, Safe technology for the future and the right to be heard in this democratic society. Rinat believes in people power and the right we have to demand safe technology not just for us but for the generations to come. For anyone who wants to gain more insight in 5G and the effects. A must listen.