7 hacks to cultivate a screen-free morning to get the most out of your day!

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Unhealthy habits. We all have them. But let’s be honest. How long after you wake up, do you grab your mobile device?

Has it become routine to open your eyes, stretch your arms and reach out to shake hands with your phone?

Has your mobile phone become the remote control to click play on your day?

The thought of “what did I miss whilst I was sleeping?” is the morning mindset trap.

Is your morning ritual contributing to the slippery slope of your smartphone addiction?

It’s no secret our smartphones are engineered for addiction.

By now most have either watched or are familiar with the Netflix doco ‘ The Social Dilemma’ which highlights the dangers of social media and sneaky ways big tech use, to make us addicted to our smartphones. Researchers for years have been connecting the same dots, with smart people such as scientists concluding that smartphone are in fact, designed for addiction (read the science).

If we take some time to reflect on our morning routine and how it sets the scene for our day, it truly starts with how we wake up and how we engage with those around us in the morning.

Kids don’t have the big-picture perspective that parents have, so it’s important we help them cultivate their own sense of self-regulation by setting the example and modelling the behaviour.

Counting minutes watching screens feels a bit like calorie counting but when do we start looking at our behaviours at home with technology and use self-control rather than binge-screening?

It comes back to self-reflection and self-responsibility around being smart with our screen time.

Establishing screen-free times at home, especially in the mornings may be the answer for better health outcomes, improved productivity and enhanced connection with self, family and friends. For most people, mornings are typically a busy time during the working week, but weekends could the perfect opportunity to reset, start and kick the morning screen habit!

7 hacks to cultivate a screen-free morning to get the most out of your day!

  1. Start planning for limiting your morning screen time. Think about what you could do instead. Plan out your week in advance.
  2. Instead of reaching for your phone when you wake, make exercise and time in nature your new auto-pilot.
  3. Sit with stillness. Sit with your thoughts, your mind. Look around. Call in mindfulness. Step outside. Get some sunlight on your eyes to adjust your circadian rhythms. Meditate. Spend time with loved ones.
  4. Find a new or take up an old hobby or interest that replaces time spend with your screen in the morning. Cooking, gardening, poetry, journaling, crafts or contemplative activities.
  5. Team up with a friend, your husband, your kids and start a screen-free morning challenge.
  6. Turn the TV off and listen to music or the radio instead!
  7. Remember it takes 66 days to change a habit, not 21. If it gets tough, remember the benefits and the example you are setting. Check-in with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Stay strong. Reward yourself with some self-care!


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