7 Ways To Create An EMF-Free Sleep Sanctuary…

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While most of the world is in bed with their phones, the governing agencies are in bed with Big Tech.

Let’s talk about what is happening in Australia right now.

Last month in February 2021, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) increased the “safe” public exposure levels for wireless radiation by 400% !!! This is incredibly reckless and alarming, considering that hundreds of top EMF Scientists from around the world have been lobbying for many years for more stringent protection from wireless radiation caused by devices and infrastructure (mobile phones, wifi, base stations etc) due to the harm on human health.

Need proof? Take a deep dive into the 2000 peer-reviewed reports that demonstrate biological harm from wireless radiation.

How many of you treat your mobile phone as an additional limb?

Do you take your phone to bed with you as an alarm to greet you every morning? ⏰

Wireless radiation is scientifically proven to be a sleep disruptor. To understand how you can mitigate this please research and lean into the database at Environmental Health Trust.

489 million 5G smartphone units are estimated to be sold in 2021, hence why there is no better time than NOW to make a pledge that you won’t “upgrade” your phone to a 5G enabled version.

We have the power to say NO and to address the 25-year fraudulent non-biological “safety test” on a plastic dummy called SAM.

We have the power to push back against the 400% increase in exposure limits by our corrupt governing body.

We need proof of safety and who’s accountable and liable for harm.

It’s time to wake up! Can you hear the alarm bells ringing?


Sleep on this: Check out some simple tips for keeping your bedroom space free from wireless radiation.

  1. Rule #1  – sleep with your partner or pillow, NOT your mobile phone.
  2. When it comes to WiFi, placement is key. Ideally, keep bedrooms FREE of sleep disruptors such as wireless devices, electronics, routers, screens and especially baby monitors.
  3. Power OFF all wireless devices at night so radiation exposure is reduced while you sleep (routers, gaming consoles, home cordless phone bases, mobiles). Consider buying a switch or timer for your wireless router to turn it OFF at night – a cheap and easy solution, no brainer right?…
  4. Charge phones, tablets or devices AWAY from the bedroom.
  5. Use battery-powered alarm clocks, because electric clocks emit high electric fields that also impact melatonin (the sleep hormone). Alarming huh?
  6. If you must use a phone as an alarm clock, turn aeroplane mode ON. Turn wifi, bluetooth and location settings OFF.
  7. Electronics or electrical cords might be kinky but best to keep them out of the bedroom.



2 thoughts on “7 Ways To Create An EMF-Free Sleep Sanctuary…”

  1. Gregory Fisher

    Channel 10 arvo news just had a fluff piece on “those lights were not UFOs”, over Melbourne, a necklace chain of lights. No, they were table sized satellites, thousands going up, THOUSANDS, to beam 5G radiation to every corner of the globe, including ALL WATERS & JUNGLE & TUNDRA. EVERYWHERE. The entire biosphere will be a testbed to this radiation. Goodbye sperm…

  2. Kathleen Schleis

    I totally agree with you that we are harmed by “dirty electricity” that I read about years ago. Thank-you for researching this.

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