Are AirPods safe? 5 AirPod Secrets You Need To Know

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5 AirPod Secrets You Need To Know

If you don’t like the idea of a Bluetooth transmitter inside your head, read on.

Secret 1:

There is an expectation that Bluetooth devices like AirPods, and wireless devices like smartphones, would need to go through extensive biological safety testing – because they’re transmitting electromagnetic frequencies through our bodies, often very close to our brains, right?

Biological testing means testing done on a living organism, comparable to the humans that are going to be using them. This level of testing is important so that harmful short-term and long-term effects of EMF radiation can be documented, measured and adjusted for if needed.

Are AirPods safe?

The reality is, mobile phones are tested for safety on a plastic dummy.

The plastic dummy has a name – SAM – but other than the name, SAM is as non-human as they come. SAM is made of 100% plastic. He doesn’t have a brain, a heart, lungs or any internal organs, blood, eyes, ears, a reproductive system, a musculoskeletal system…. SAM is plastic, and we are not plastic. We Are Not SAM.

Today, AirPods are being used by hundreds of millions of people around the world – including children – with no safety data to demonstrate the safety of their use.

Secret 2:

AirPods sit inside your head and transmit radiation and harmful electromagnetic frequencies between your ears directly through your brain.

Hmmmm….are AirPods are safe?

Secret 3:

AirPods use Bluetooth which means they can transmit wireless radiation hundreds of feet away whether you’re using them or not. The Bluetooth signal from AirPods can reach a range of hundreds of feet, and they emit their Bluetooth signals even when they’re not in use.

This means that even if you’re not wearing AirPods, you’re getting secondary radiation from everyone around you who is. What the?

Secret 4:

If you could hear the dangerous levels of radiation ringing in your ears, you would not be wearing Airpods.

Secret 5:

The left AirPod communicates with the right AirPod. This magnetic field goes right through your brain creating optimum conditions for cancer.

Magnetic fields are linked to cancer and oxidative stress, and there are no current safety studies showing the safety of AirPod use inside human heads.

Makes you think, doesn’t it. Are AirPods safe?

What is the alternative?

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