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To everyone in the Health & Freedom space, especially the incredible podcasts you share which we are so fortunate to have access to.

You’re intelligent, educated, conscious, generous with your time and you enrich our lives.

Thank you 💙

We appreciate your brain, and we want optimum health and longevity for your brain and your life. AirPods are like tiny antennas that sit just inside your ears, on either side of your AMAZING brain. They transmit signals to each other and to the outside world, with a transmission range of several hundred feet.

The safety of AirPods has not been tested on real biological humans. Technology like AirPods, mobile phones, tablets and wearable tech is tested on a plastic dummy filled with liquid – NOT on human brains or human bodies. Our brains and our cells are far more delicate, intricate and complex than a plastic dummy filled with liquid.

Opening the conversation here, if anyone can find a study that actually proves the safety of these devices that we place on our bodies and inside our heads, please send to  Until we have that study, we encourage everyone with a brain to make safer technology choices. Ditch the AirPods, unless someone can prove that they’re actually safe to be transmitting EMF radiation within centimetres of your precious brain. 

We invite you to purchase our recommended safe tech alternative – DefenderShield Ear Bud AirTubes. By using our link to buy this product, you’ll be supporting the We Are Not SAM campaign, continuing to spread the Safe Technology message.

And there’s no extra cost to you.

In the future we will be including discount codes and special offers for this product.

They’re ON SALE now until the end of December 2022 so click here and get yours today.

Keeping you safe and human in a technology-obsessed world x

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