INTERVIEW: Counter Culture Mum Talks to Rinat About Lack of Proper Safety Testing for Mobile Phones

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While working as a key strategist of Northern Rivers for Safe Technology in Australia, Rinat Strahlhofer discovered the biggest techno industry scam and is now exposing the forces of corporate greed. Her journey began when her husband was having trouble sleeping shortly after they installed a 3G router in their home. She realized that since the mid 1990s a plastic mannequin filled with liquid is what is used to test if a cell phone is labeled as “safe.” She is the founder of We Are Not SAM and is now educating people worldwide that tech gadgets are not properly tested before being released to the public and how the 5G radiation is slowly killing us.


The real reason for rolling out 5G cell phone coverage globally
How 5G coverage is dangerous and deadly to humanity
How the COVID j@b is connected to 5G technology
Boycotting 5G cell phones is something that is necessary for our survival


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