INTERVIEW: The Deep Dive with Richard Willet from The Ickonic with Rinat Strahlhofer

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Richard Willet from The Ickonic’s Deep Dive interviews Rinat Strahlhofer of ‘We Are Not SAM’ and discusses the technocratic death cult’s agenda for the entire planet.

With the MetaVerse being rolled out, NeuroLink wanting to put chips inside the body as well as the 5G Smart Grid being placed over planet earth, it seems the Death Cult is putting the pieces in place for what will become the ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘The Internet of Bodies. Rinat discusses her background in the Telecom industry and her research into this anti-human transhumanist Agenda of the 4th Industrial Revolution as well as what we can do about it. Remember it only takes 3.5% of us to change the world.

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