Luminous Education – Changing The Culture of Education

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We’re the parents, sisters, brothers, teachers, tutors and mentors to the children of our community. Our children learn from each other, and they learn from us. Our children are the future and considering intelligent alternative educational formats may be one of the necessary pathways to our children thriving in this crazy beautiful world.

Beyond excited to share  episodes 18 & 19 of The We Know Show – Part 1 – You Were Called To Be Here, And It’s Showtime & Part 2 – Luminous Education – Changing The Culture Of Education with Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan.

Dr. Edith is a teacher of consciousness and human potential, a Holistic Chinese Medicine Doctor, writer/author, speaker, coach, transformational retreat creator, and mother. This is one of the most moving and emotional interviews ever done on the show, and it brings to light many issues parents face. Throughout the conversation, Dr. Edith radiates extraordinary love and displays kindness.

In Part 1 of my interview with Dr. Edith, we unpack why we exist for these transformational times and why Dr. Edith believes the darkness is coming to light and yes….. it’s Showtime. We are participating in the collapse of old systems and building the new, and while it is intense, it is also beautiful. 

We hear about Dr. Edith’s moment of wholeness during a qigong practice and the way this catalysed her to recalibrate her life, and address escapism. She expands on her time in a dark room meditation retreat which fostered the deep connection she cultivated with her intuition. We discuss knowing that it is our dharma that inspires the discomfort of life’s inversions and brings it back into harmony with natural law and why our children are key to that evolution as they sense the energy consciousness and intention behind what we say and do, especially what we do next.

To hear more, and feel the goosebumps, be sure to tune into the full episode or check out a snippet of the interview here. 

In Part 2 of my interview with Dr. Edith we start with questioning “Who am I, Why Am I Here?” which leads Dr. Edith to the new paradigm of Luminous Education, a huge leap of faith to break free from programming to follow orders and truly uncover what it takes for our kids to learn the skills to do life.

Dr. Edith asks us who would we be if we weren’t so afraid of mistakes. She expands on the ways the status-quo educational system is conditioning our children into helplessness through manipulation of rewards and punishment, shame and approval, a form of domestication to please. The good news: the industrial education model is crumbling, and we are entering a new paradigm in the culture of education.

This interview is one of the most important interviews of our time, reminding us to create a world worthy for our children.

You do not want to miss this passionate, awe-inspiring conversation about what it takes to live a life that is fully lived – check out my tears of joy in a snippet of this interview Nurturing Enthusiasm and The Ripple Effect and a highlight Self-directed Learning vs. Following Orders and Getting with the Program. 

Prior to my Part 1 interview with Dr. Edith, I was fortunate to experience the Luminous Education program. With more studies being published around the myriad benefits of alternative schooling, we’re excited to see programs like Luminous Education. This is a series of inspiring video resources designed to fully support conscious parents and children as they move to a more progressive style of education. In this video series, Dr. Edith is joined by world-class speakers including Charles Eisenstein, Mas Sajady, Matías De Stefano, Penny Kelly, Dr. Barre Paul Lando, Gabriel Miguel, Dr. Peter Gray, Dayna Martin + more bringing profound depth and wisdom in a format that goes far beyond homeschooling, or unschooling.

This program allows us to let go of the archaic paradigm and discover our natural intelligence and brilliance, exploring the deeper essence of who we are as human beings. It encourages a more natural, joyful, and fulfilling way to nurture your kids AND yourself.  The best of holistic education, homeschooling, unschooling, self-directed learning, awakened parenthood, plus ancient memories, future vision, and holistic family life. ​

If you’re interested in finding out more or joining the program, check out Luminous Education

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