Mullumbimby: The counterculture town fighting 5g

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Dean Jeffreys – Filmmaker and local Activist Source: The Feed   By Nick Kwek, SBS The Feed.

The fight against 5G is most definitely on.

As 5G protests and misinformation mount around the world, many Australians are concerned the next generation mobile technology could pose health risks.

In fact, a recent poll by Essential revealed one in eight blame the wireless network for spreading COVID-19 – an idea consistently rejected by authorities as baseless.

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and even the rural roads of Mullumbimby, a small town frequently dubbed the “anti-vaccine capital” of Australia.

A stone’s throw from Byron Bay in New South Wales, Mullumbimby is a destination with a renowned history of counterculture.

“This part of Australia has a long history of standing up to big corporations”, said Tashi Lhamo, administrator for local anti-5G group Northern Rivers for Safe Technology.

“We’re riding on the back of what happened out at Bentley with standing up against coal seam gas, and our Byron Shire Council, they stopped fluoride in the water. We stopped McDonalds.”

“There is a community here that is cohesive and they know how to stand up to big corporations.”, Tashi told The Feed.

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