Our Story

We are human. We Are Not SAM.

We live in a tech-obsessed world, this is simply a fact. This shouldn’t mean that our safety is compromised. The telco industry safety standards are flawed and We Are Not SAM is exposing the lies, corruption and legitimate dangers that have been ignored for far too long.

Scientists, doctors and ex-insiders around the world are standing up to the telco industry. Now we need you to stand with us. It’s time to think critically, ask questions and boycott the 5G rollout before more damage is done.

We can be the change!

Our mission is to humanise this tech-addicted world we live in.

We are co-existing with an absurd amount of technology with no accurate data into what the effects are on us short or long term, and being lied to by an industry that will have you believe safety checks are in place. Rather than complying, it’s time to take radical responsibility. We want to educate you about safe technology practices that don’t put you and your family at risk.
Big Telco and Big Tech industries who do not apply biological and safe measures to test mobile devices are pushing for surveillance under the guise of safety. To keep you ‘safe’, surveillance is being sold as the daily special which includes a degustation of: censorship, digital tracking, facial recognition, digital IDs, Nanobots, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Bodies (IoB), AI, Smart Cities, Transhumanism — no thanks!
We Are Not SAM are dedicated to bringing awareness to the flawed system that tests your precious human health and safety on a plastic dummy. We are collaborating with partners and experts to spread safe technology methods and inspire change and action, so that we, and future generations, can live in harmony. We have trusted a system that has mislead us for far too long. You have the power to make a difference. The power is in your hands.
We Are Not SAM is a campaign backed by whistleblowers. We’ve received generous donations that have kept the campaign going. Here’s a taste of what our four-year provocative campaign has achieved thus far:

• Worldwide scientists and whistleblowers have come forward and exposed lies and corruption in the telco industry.

• Through social media platforms like Instagram we have created worldwide exposure about the faults of the SAM dummy test.

• Our founder Rinat Strahlhofer has become a world-renowned campaigner and voice for the 5G movement.

• We’ve gained International and national news coverage of SAM. Over 100 interviews and presentations with international exposure.
Our Biggest Win – The Landmark Ruling.

We worked with EHTrust and the top EMF scientists worldwide as well as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his team from Children’s Health Defense (CHD) to bring awareness about SAM dummy testing. In Aug 2021, a landmark ruling in a case brought by CHD against the FCC, ruled that the commission’s health guidelines related to non-cancer harms from 5G and wireless-based technologies were capricious, arbitrary and not evidence-based. Ultimately proving that this SAM dummy test is both fraudulent and negligent. That is why we advocate for safe and meaningful use of technology.