PRESS RELEASE: Australian host debuts on Children’s Health Defense Good Morning Show with leading economist Gigi Foster

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Australian host debuts on Children’s Health Defense Good Morning Show with leading economist Gigi Foster

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) invites Australian host, Rinat Strahlhofer, creator of We Are Not SAM to the Good Morning CHD team. To kick off this milestone, Good Morning CHD with Rinat Strahlhofer launched the episode Australia Now on Friday 3rd February 2023 with a not-to-be-missed interview featuring leading economist Gigi Foster who offers a deep dive into the current state of play in Australia, what’s really happening down-under and where to next.

Three years into a collaborative partnership, exposing the phoney test SAM, We Are Not SAM and CHD share a powerful vision to raise awareness around safe technology and take on both the Tech Titans and Big Pharma’s fraudulent agendas against human health.

“I am honoured to be the first ever Australian host on CHD.TV bringing high-calibre thought leaders from different fields including activists, independent scientists, doctors, economists, lawyers and more to explore the current state of play in Australia”, Rinat said.

“Each guest adds to the treasure chest of truths we’re unpacking so that we can restore unity and return to (human) nature. The veil is finally being lifted on truths that have always existed, and together we will shine a light on how to be healthy, safe and ‘human’ in a technology-obsessed world”.

As a former Australian telecom insider where she ran multi-million-dollar campaigns, Rinat spent her earlier career putting disruptive services and technologies into the hands of millions of consumers. During the company’s then ground-breaking $1 billion 3G rollout, Rinat realised the community’s concerns over the new network’s potential health and safety impacts were not only legitimate, but were being blatantly ignored. In other words, profits were trumping truths. 

Deeply disillusioned by the lack of industry regulation and safety science, Rinat quit her role, and Australia, for almost a decade. On her return from Europe to Byron Bay in May 2019, she was concerned to find that little had changed within the telecom industry as it prepared to roll out the 5G network across Australia. Not willing to sit on the sidelines, Rinat took on the role of activist and created We Are Not SAM, a not for profit dedicated to exposing how the telecommunications industry worldwide have used a fraudulent test to market mobile phones and wireless technology to push a Big Tech agenda that causes untold damage. Rinat explains how today’s Tech Titans have us addicted to devices they claim are safe because these devices, particularly 5G, are the linchpin for billionaire data miners and the surveillance state. 

Rinat’s first guest on Good Morning CHD is guest Gigi Foster, an established Australian voice (as featured on ABC’s Q+A) in such fields as the economics of social influence, behavioural economics, education, and time use. One of Australia’s leading economics communicators and a professor with the UNSW School of Economics, Gigi was named 2019 Young Economist of the Year by the Economic Society of Australia and was awarded a national Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in 2017.Gigi earned her BA from Yale majoring in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, and her PhD in economics from the University of Maryland

Rinat and Gigi embark on an in-depth conversation around the state of Australia Now, digging deep into prevalent issues and asking pressing questions to uncover the pathway forward. A frank and unmissable interview, this pilot episode sets the stage for a series of provocative and eye-opening conversations and offers a peek into the hidden corners of mainstream narratives.

Once upon a time Australia was affectionately referred to as the friendliest country in the world. Over the last few years Australians have experienced some of the heaviest restrictions and the ride is not over yet.

Tune into Good Morning CHD on the first Friday of each month and see what’s really happening. 7am PT / 9am CT/ 10am ET/ 3pm GMT /2am Sat AEDT.

Good Morning CHD:

Australia Now Episode:–what-happened-why–what-to-do-next/

The show is dedicated to bringing awareness to the flawed system to inspire change, responsibility, and to reimagine and action a better future. We have a mission to ensure accountability, create harmony and reignite the Aussie spirit.

“Tune into the community of independent thinkers as we create a healthful, sustainable and joyful existence in the current technological era.” Rinat said.

Children’s Heath Defense chairman, Robert F. Kennedy’s endorsement of the We Are Not SAM campaign is here.

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