PRESS RELEASE: Industry Workers Poised to Strike in Nationwide Show of Unity Against No Jabs, No Jobs Mandate as Vaccine Deadlines Loom

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We Are Not SAM stands shoulder to shoulder with National Education United, a movement opposed to mandated vaccinations, which are intricately linked to digital vaccine passports.

What do digital passports mean for everyday Australians? Their introduction fast tracks us towards the Surveillance State, with technocratic governance via ID tracking. This dystopian future is reliant on smart networks such as 5G to succeed.

Injections will not bring back our freedoms, nor a digital scorecard.

It’s now or never. United we stand to Reclaim The Line.



Industry Workers Poised to Strike in Nationwide Show of Unity Against No Jabs, No Jobs Mandate as Vaccine Deadlines Loom

Workers from multiple sectors across Australia are planning to strike at #ReclaimTheLine protests at 11am on Friday, 1 October, as the clock ticks towards government vaccination mandates.

The collective strike is organised by National Education United (NEU), a newly created and fast-growing alliance of more than 18,000 teachers and workers from multiple industries who are fighting State Government vaccination mandates.

NEU spokesman Christian Marchegiani (aka Mack) said the imminent strike represented a show of support for anyone facing medical discrimination and the threat of losing their jobs.

“At no other time in living history have ordinary Australians faced such an unimaginable threat to their freedoms – freedoms that until now, we have taken for granted,” Mack said.

“The Governments’ No Jab, No Job policies are being implemented through coercion, manipulation or ‘incentives’, and everyday Aussies are losing their rights to work. There is also a frightening danger of Australia seeing vaccination passports for the first time.

“Is this really the type of society we want live in? Each of us has to decide where we draw our line in the sand and to take relevant action, with courage and heart.”

The #ReclaimTheLine strikes support workers including teachers, police, paramedics, aged care workers, health care workers, firefighters, construction workers, airline staff, miners and truck drivers.

To date Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Byron Bay, Newcastle and Port Macquarie are participating.

All protesters are being invited to wear a white T-shirt with the #ReclaimTheLine slogan on the front and their profession and years of service on the back.

“We will protest peacefully and respectfully in a united stand for freedom, liberty and medical freedoms,” Mack said.

“It is appalling that we’re being mandated to take an experimental vaccine that has been inadequately tested. The vaccine has already resulted in multiple adverse effects, including hundreds of deaths in Australia alone, and the long-term side effects are obviously unknown.”

Northern Rivers, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and Brisbane are coming together in one location at: Border monument, Boundary Street, Coolangatta (near Twin Towns). All other locations to be announced from 7am, Friday 1 October via

About Mack:

Christian Marchegiani (aka Mack) is the powerhouse and spokesperson behind the action group National Education United. The 18,000+ members include an army of teachers and workers from multiple industry sectors who are standing united to say ‘no’ to mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports. For the past 5 years, Mack has worked as a high school biology teacher in Sydney. Prior to this, Mack worked in health, wellness and fitness for 20 years, completing a degree in sport and exercise science, before training clients in boxing, weightlifting and fitness. With his extensive knowledge in natural health and the human body, Mack, who is a father of two, comes from a place of inspired action from the heart.

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