PRESS RELEASE: Telco Industry exposed with The Phoney Test Challenge social media campaign.

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12 October, 2022

 Telco Industry exposed with The Phoney Test Challenge social media campaign.

 Don’t be the dummy in the room! We Are Not SAM exposes the fraudulent testing within the Telco Industry with their latest social media campaign The Phoney Test Challenge.

 We Are Not SAM is calling on the health industry and their collective followings to join them in spreading this crucial information. Get behind spreading safe technology methods and inspire change and action, so that we, and future generations, can live in harmony.

Here’s the facts:

  • Internationally, mobile phones are tested for safe use by humans on a plastic dummy called SAM (Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin). During the test, which has not changed since the mid-90’s, the SAM plastic head is filled with liquid to see if it heats up one degree Celsius within a 6-minute call. SAM is based on a 100kg, six-foot tall adult male military recruit with a five-kilogram head.
  • SAM has no heartbeat, brain cells, skin, bones or organs, he is no different to any other plastic inanimate object.
  • Only 3% of the population fit the profile of SAM. Most people, such as women, children and the elderly, have smaller and thinner skulls than SAM, which means they will absorb substantially more radiation.

To bring awareness to this flawed system We Are Not SAM is having some fun with the launch of their The Phoney Test Challenge, a social media campaign that highlights just how much of a farce the Telco testing process of mobile phone usage really is.

We Are Not SAM campaign creator Rinat Strahlhofer, an ex-telecommunications insider who’s now intent on exposing the truth about the industry, said people would be shocked to discover the truth about their smartphones.

“Telcos have been getting away with certifying mobile devices as safe for years because the test is rigged,” Ms Strahlhofer said.

The intention behind the challenge is to lift the lid on the industry in an interactive way that will give this issue the attention it deserves.

The Phoney Test Challenge launched on September 21 and so far has garnered attention from health influencers, Dr Jess Peatross, MD who shared a video of the challenge that went viral attracting over 177,000 views and Alec Zeck from The Way Forward who shared the challenge with over 20,000 views.

Here’s how The Phoney Test Challenge works:

  1. Grab a plastic item from around your home like a water bottle, a kiddie pool, a water balloon, or a mop bucket, the more creative the better. The only criteria is that it doesn’t have a heartbeat, brain cells, organs, bones or skin. (Just like SAM).
  2. Test your phone usage on it. Note what happens (we’re gonna guess not much).
  3. Upload and tag @wearenotsam via your Instagram and use #phoneytestchallenge.

Don’t just trust the words of We Are Not SAM, there are more than 2,000 scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world concerning the biological effects of wireless radiation. Read more about the studies here.

“Essentially, we’ve become the test dummies for the multi-trillion dollar telco industry with so much to gain from pushing out 5G phones on an unsuspecting market. Its safety standards are an absolute joke – which is devastating for our health and planet.” Ms Strahlhofer said.

We Are Not SAM invites you to join them in blasting this The Phoney Test Challenge far and wide.

For media enquiries and interviews, please contact Kellie at

More information, to keep up to date with the campaign or to join the conversation via the below links.

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