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Podcast: The Big G — is it safe?

Together We Rise Podcast

There’s no doubt you’ve noticed those big white towers sprouting up like wild mushrooms on an autumn forest floor these last few months.

Whilst the world has been focused on ‘one’ thing it’s provided a perfect distraction for the big guys to make their other moves. I caught up with Rinat, the founder of “We Are Not Sam” and former marketing specialist for the largest telecommunications company in Australia during the $1 billion-dollar rollout of I I I Gee, to talk about I I I I I Gee and the way in which new tech is tested for safety.

She gives some incredible insights into what people can be doing within their own homes to protect themselves and what actions we can be taking at a grass roots level in our communities. We need to take a stand for not only our own health but the health of the greater whole— because once they’ve completed the infrastructure on earth they’re taking it to the skies and as she says it will “Impact everything we hold sacred”.

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