The Top 10 Reasons to Boycott 5G Phones…

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Most of us have smartphones, but that does not mean we are being smart with our phones. Did you know that the new generation of 5G technologies does not pass risk assessments?

Check out the top 10 reasons why you may consider not buying a 5G phone!

1. 5G phones, in fact, all mobile phones, have never been tested for safety on humans. Instead, they are testing on a plastic dummy head filled with a liquid.

2.5G phones are not aligned to “sustainability” practices – profit is over people and the planet.

3. 5G phones and towers disrupt the navigation of honey bees and cause colony collapse. If our bees disappear, there goes a bulk of our fresh food supply.

4. 5G phones will lead to billions of devices becoming toxic e-waste.

5. 5G phones will further escalate demand for precious metals in the industry of conflict mining (child slavery, human trafficking and civil unrest).

6. 5G phones will require more energy consumption and increase the carbon footprint of the wireless industry, set to become the world’s leading energy consumers in the next 5 years.

7. 5G phones are marketed as offering faster speeds – but they will also multiply your exposure to wireless microwave radiation. Children absorb twice as much radiation than adults.

8. 5G phones will create even more dependency on technology. Scientists warn that this will lead to further addiction, depression and future infertility among our youth.

9. 5G phones will boost the ‘big brother’ surveillance capabilities of big tech and other industries, and allow your personal data to be mined (research ‘Internet of Things’).

10. 5G phones are not covered for safety by the world’s leading insurers.

For references, please visit here.

5G phones are for dummies. We know the test is rigged and 2000 peer-reviewed studies prove harm to humans, animals, plants, and our environmental health.

We know people are getting sick from existing generations of wireless devices. We know there are no safeguards for children’s exposure. We know there is a lack of transparency from regulators, manufacturers and the industry, and we know there is no accountability to protect us and nature.

In case you missed it, they’re testing mobile phones on a dummy. 

We are the experiment. They are testing on you, me, and our children.

We’ve become the test dummies, which is alarming for our health, our planet and our kids.

Why Boycott 5G phones?

 5G phones act as a remote control. The only way you would be connecting to a 5G tower or small cell is if you have a 5G-enabled phone.  By boycotting 5G phones you disable the network connection.

The future is literally in your hands.

Help expose the dummy in the room by signing our petition for changes to safety testing.

Check out this video which explains why we need to boycott 5G phones! 

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