The We Know Show: How Big Telco is moving us from Human Beings to the Internet of Bodies!

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Alison McDowell, a fearless activist, mother, researcher, blogger and one of the most important critical thinkers of our times, chats with The We Know Show presenter and We Are Not SAM creator, Rinat Strahlhofer, unpacking some of the MOST important topics of the day.
In this informative video interview, find out how Big Telco is moving us from Human Beings to the Internet of Bodies (IoB), what SAM and digital twins have in common, a deep dive into augmented reality, why they are manipulating us to believe our body is a burden, and how medical passports are taking away our freedoms + so much more.

Never heard of The Fourth Industrial Revolution? This is how the UK Government describes it:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is of a scale, speed and complexity that is unprecedented. It is characterised by a fusion of technologies – such as artificial intelligence, gene editing and advanced robotics – that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological worlds. It will disrupt nearly every industry in every country, creating new opportunities and challenges for people, places and businesses to which we must respond.

Let’s break it down:

Artificial intelligence is AI which is the control of systems by Big Tech robots, rather than humans.

Gene Editing is genetic engineering of people, like GMO crops.

Advanced robotics is nanotech or “smart dust” that can put microscopic robots in your body to monitor and change your bodily functions”.

What we know this means is that the 5G wireless network is essential to establish the wireless control grid of Internet-of-Things and Internet-of-Bodies.

Buckle in folks – you’re in for a wild ride! Alison works hard to expose draconian measures in our children’s school. Find out more on her blog here.  Check out some snippets from the interview below!

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