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Cops For COVID Truth – This All Goes Away When We Say NO with guest Alex Cooney

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Episode 5: Cops for COVID Truth – this all goes away when we say NO with guest Alex Cooney

Alex Cooney is the former Senior Constable best known for inspiring the movement Cops for COVID Truth. In a letter to the NSW Police Commissioner in October 2020, he questioned the “unlawful and unjustifiable” enforcement of COVID restrictions. The letter catapulted Alex into the public spotlight and led to his decision to resign from the force so he could keep speaking out. Alex served for 12 years in the NSW Police. Today, he spends his time encouraging officers to think critically about the COVID narrative, and restoring community trust. He currently lives in Yamba with his partner and son.

This is a not to be missed episode. Alex shares his reasons for speaking out, what is the role of the cops and what they can do to turn the tide as well as why saying no is the best thing anyone can do!


2:00 – Alex shares what compelled him to write a letter to the NSW Police Commissioner

6:00 – Preserve Our Rights, Preserve Our Freedoms

7:48 – Speaking Out vs. Speaking Up

10:30 – What cops can do internally to bring about change

10:50 – People aren’t scared of an alleged virus, they’re scared of copping a fine

13:40 – Police are calling in sick 1 in every 4 days because they don’t want to enforce these mandates.

15:04 – What should the role of the police be during these times?

17:00 – What is the end game and how do we turn the tide?

21:00 – Why saying NO is the best thing you can do and why we MUST NOT give our power away

23:00 – What is the Cops For COVID movement

26:00 – What Alex would tell the kids that want to join the force

30:00 – What does the future look like through Alex Cooney’s lens!

Check out the short snippets of the interview below:

Police Enforcement of COVID rules goes against the law

Tyranny ends when the cops and people stand together and say NO!

Alexs’ letter can be found here

For more info visit

Join the conversation at

We Are Not SAM stands shoulder to shoulder with National Education United, a movement opposed to mandated vaccinations, which are intricately linked to digital vaccine passports.

What do digital passports mean for everyday Australians? Their introduction fast tracks us towards the Surveillance State, with technocratic governance via ID tracking. This dystopian future is reliant on smart networks such as 5G to succeed.

Injections will not bring back our freedoms, nor a digital scorecard.

It’s now or never. United we stand to Reclaim The Line.


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