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Drs. Calling Out Wireless Radiation – The Invisible Toxin with guest Dr Jess Peatross

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Episode 9: Drs. Calling Out Wireless Radiation – The Invisible Toxin with guest Dr. Jess Peatross. 

Dr. Jess is a former hospitalist, internal medicine based medical doctor, a certified Gerson Practitioner and functional medicine leader. She is an expert in the areas of stealth infections, environmental toxicity, regenerative medicine and ozone. Her passion lies in uncovering the mystery behind the chronic illness, whether that be stealth infections, heavy metals, stress/trauma or other environmental toxicities. She believes there are real, root cause answers for WHY the body might be malfunctioning. 

After working as an M.D. in a hospital for 6 years, Dr. Jess realized that she needed to investigate alternatives to today’s modern medical industry, which “treats every ill with a pill”. Her philosophy embraces true health that encompasses the whole patient – mind, body, and spirit. Now she is committed to sharing her knowledge that our bodies are meant to heal naturally. Don’t miss this informative and insightful conversation where Dr. Jess unpacks her functional medicine approach on the invisible toxin radiation, are heavy metals and 5G creating human transmitters, the health implications of ear pods and the why a dirty terrain correlates with a dirty germ + so much more! This is one episode not to miss.

Show Notes:

0-6:00: A heartfelt introduction of Dr. Jess and her incredible journey and work

6:30 : Dr. Jess speaks about her pivot from allopathic medicine to root cause medicine and why she decided not to be a cog in the wheel anymore

9:09: The importance of listening to patients and why this is the main difference between Dr. Jess and other doctors

10:20: Does the body keep the score? The missing puzzle piece behind trauma and root cause illnesses

13:00: Dr Jess’ take on big tech and big pharma’s agendas

17:20: Are heavy metals and 5G creating human transmitters?

20:37: Choosing real dopamine hits over artificial dopamine hits and balancing the tech world and the off-grid world

26:23: Ear Pods ring alarm bells and the health implications of this wearable tech

31:59: Doctor’s spreading the safe tech message – is this the tipping point of real change?

33:50: Connecting the dots between wireless radiation (the invisible toxin), dirty terrain and a dirty germ as well as why mitigation is key.

38:00: Tips on detoxing from radiation, the invisible toxin

43:00: Find out why Dr. Jess does the work she does.

Check out these interview highlights:

Why More Drs. Are Examining Wireless Radiation As An Invisible Toxin!

Are Heavy Metals & 5G Creating Human Transmitters?

Find out more about Dr. Jess and her amazing program Kill, Bind, Sweat 

For more info on the We Are Not SAM campaign. 

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