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EMF Mitigation on The Way Forward Virtual Summit with Rinat Strahlhofer

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The Way Forward Virtual Summit was an online summit held 7-9 October, with speakers from all across the globe discussing solutions to the challenges the health and freedom communities face today. Experts and leaders across the wellness, regenerative agriculture, consciousness, and sovereignty fields share vital information, tools and resources designed to educate and empower you along your path toward a more sovereign, vibrant life.

Host Alex Zeck interviewed Rinat on solutions around EMF. Check out this enlightening and insightful conversation which covers safe tech tips, why experimental technologies use marketing to create trust, the ways technology captures your attention, why online censorship is a trap, how tension is vital in birthing the way forward, the potential to influence health and freedom culture and how strengthening the minority creates change + so much more! A must-see.

This interview was originally aired as part of The Way Forward Virtual Summit, check out all the interviews here.