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Episode 7: Reclaiming Body Sovereignty and Following Your Truth with Rinat the Apocaloptimist

The We Know Show’s host Rinat Strahlhofer takes a deep deep dive into why remaining human in our tech-obsessed world is key to a healthy and free future. Rinat unpacks how technology has been engineered to disrupt our connection to the natural web of life (with an artificial web)– and it all starts with the dummy SAM! Connecting the dots between smart-phone addiction, the recent pandemic, surveillance, connecting our bodies to the internet (IoB), and why this anti-life agenda is propelling us to harness our inner Apocaloptimist to reclaim bodily sovereignty and continue following our truth.

Show Notes

1:14 Meet SAM the Dummy

12:05 Addiction

16:25 Pandemic

20:13 Surveillance

27:40 Anti-life agenda

30:23 Solutions

For more info on the We Are Not SAM campaign, head to www.wearenotsam.com

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