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Reclaiming yourself in the age of tech addiction with Kelly Brogan MD

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Episode 8: Reclaiming yourself in the age of tech addiction with guest Kelly Brogan MD

In this episode of the We Know Show, we had the pleasure of speaking with Kelly Brogan MD. Kelly is a holistic psychiatrist, thought leader and pioneer in the realm of mental health and wellbeing. Trained within an allopathic model of healthcare, Kelly made the transition to a solely holistic practice following a personal health crisis she successfully put into remission using non-pharmaceutical lifestyle interventions. She is the author of three books including the New York Times bestseller, A Mind of Your Own, and co-editor of the landmark textbook Integrative Therapies For Depression. Kelly completed her psychiatric training and fellowship at NYU Medical Center after graduating from Cornell University Medical College, and has a Bachelor of Science from M.I.T. in Systems Neuroscience.

Kelly is truly a force. Here she shares her wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective on everything from tech addiction and its impact on our mental health, the “activism shadow” – why we must take an honest look at the fight within to understand the fight outside – how to focus on our lived reality, what science isn’t telling us, and so much more.

Show notes

1:30: Kelly speaks into her journey from allopathic health model to the now, including the shift in her worldview.

5:26: A fresh perspective on activism – shifting from fighting the outer world to reclaiming our inner world.

9:18: Characteristics of victim consciousness and why the only way out is to walk through the fire of rebirth and reconnection.

11:41: The radical responsibility realm – having control over what you focus on is the reclamation of choice.

14:50: Science does not acknowledge that we are energetic beings, so why trust “the Science”?

18:00: Kelly’s insightful learnings from her one-week silent digital detox.

23:05: Colluding with technology as a reward and punishment system.

25:00: The social mob mentality that feeds tech addiction.

26:00: The mental health effects of technology overuse is a mirror of internal struggles.

27.00: How to experience joy from technology and recognize what’s on offer.

35:00: By holding up a device to capture a moment, we miss the inner body experience.

36:00: Kelly’s hacks for working without a smartphone these last 2 years.

39:00: The activism shadow –judging the outer world to avoid looking within.

49:00: Fighting for the anonymous child.

50:00: Focusing on lived reality.

52:00: What is really behind the divide and conquer fear-based agendas seen within the activist community?

Interview highlights:

Controlling the Way We Use Devices So They Don’t Control Us. 

Avoiding Ourselves Through Device Addiction


Reclaiming Yourself In The Age Of Tech Addiction 

For more information on Kelly’s work and programs, please visit https://www.kellybroganmd.com/

For more info on the We Are Not SAM campaign, please visit: www.wearenotsam.com

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