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The 80/20 rule: paying more attention to solutions in 2023 with guest Joseph Yi MD, aka Street MD

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Episode 16: The 80/20 Rule: Paying More Attention to Solutions in 2023 with Guest Joseph Yi MD, aka Street MD

In this episode of The We Know Show, we had the pleasure of speaking with Joseph Yi MD. Dr. Joseph Yi is a Board-Certified Addiction Psychiatrist who specializes in Holistic Psychiatry and Detoxification. After graduation from medical school, Dr Yi went on to do his psychiatry residency at the Cooper University Hospital. It was there at the heart of Camden, NJ where he learned to treat some of the most challenging cases of psychiatric, addiction and detox patients. As a resident physician, he apprenticed under Dr. Joel Fuhrman, on nutritional therapy for mental health treatment, and worked at several dual diagnosis facilities (mental health and substance abuse).

Since starting his solo private practice in 2009, Dr Yi has helped patients throughout Bucks County, PA overcome their dependency to opiates, alcohol, and other substances through his Modern Detox Program, which provides an individualized tapering plan on an outpatient basis, as an alternative to going into an inpatient facility for treatment. He integrates motivational counseling, nutritional therapy, exercise, science, yoga and spirituality.

What does it mean to be living on the edge of life? This interview will take you there! Joseph is truly a powerhouse. Here he shares his wealth of knowledge and a new paradigm perspective on everything from tech addiction and its impact on our mental health, what’s wrong with the term “think positive”, why fear and outrage content is addictive, how a divided class will exist: those who will let the chips fall and those who won’t, Elon Musk and Kanye theatrics, Jo’s 80/20 rule of raising people’s vibrations (80%) and calling out the BS (20%) – and why 2023 is about paying attention to those offering solutions, plus so much more. Sit back and enjoy the truth, laughter and be inspired.

Show Notes

5:30 – Why medical school was an extreme discomfort

7:30 – Music and addiction – finding purpose and meaning in mental health

8:50 – What’s wrong with the term “think positive”?

14:20 – The greatest act of Agenda 2030 – rebellion to a healthy body, mind and spirit

15:00 – Dr Jo’s 80/20 rule: call out the BS (20%), raise people’s vibrations (80%)

20:20 – There are people in the Truth movement draining your energy. 2023 is about paying attention to those offering solutions.

33:05 – Clinical observation 1: diminished life force by staring at screens too much

34:00 – Clinical observation 2: increased anxiety in kids, lack of social intelligence due to screens

37:04 – Is it harder to get off prescription drugs or get off devices?

39:30 – Why fear and outrage content is addictive

42:00 – Elon Musk theatrics

44:05 – How to find meaning in stress, addiction and anxiety

48:30 – The lesson: to raise our own frequencies

55:37 – Only takes 3.5% to change culture               

57:24 – Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence. Pick one.

1:02:50 – A divided class will exist: those who will let the chips fall and those who won’t

1:10.00 – Why true sovereignty is about answering your calling

1:14.00 – Create memories with the people you love everyday

Snippet from the interview:

The A.I Revolution 

To follow and find out more about Dr Joseph Yi’s work, please visit:


Beyond Recovery




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