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Bringing Back Curiosity and Conversation Concerning The Health Of Our Kids!

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Episode 6: Bringing Back Curiosity and Conversation Concerning The Health Of Our Kids


When the Australian Federal Government announced that it would start a jab rollout in January 2022 for kids aged 5 to 11, Adam Gibson looked around to see what parents would do about it. As a father of three, business coach and entrepreneur with a background in health and wellbeing, Adam could see what was coming – and he wanted to do something about it. Not long after, he sat around a campfire with his neighbours Jon Farriss and Charlie Arnott…and Parents With Questions was born.


Parents With Questions is for anyone with a serious question – or many questions – about the COVID jab for children.  “We’re here to listen to that voice inside us that’s whispering, What if they’re wrong” said Adam.  Listen as we unpack this message in this not-to-missed interview with Rinat!




2:00 – How did Parents With Questions begin?

5:00 – Is the Parents With Questions approach resonating?

8:00 – What is the best course of action now?

14:00 – Why is the government targeting our kids?

18:30 – Is chronic disease the crisis?

20:00 – Why it’s okay to be asking questions and inviting conversation

22:58 – Why complacency is being weaponized against us

27:00 – Why this is the time for men to stand up for the community

32:00 – What are the goals of the Parents With Questions campaign?

33:00 – What can every parent do?

For more information, please visit Parents With Questions


Watch the preview It Only Takes 5 Conversations To Create Change


We Are Not SAM stands shoulder to shoulder with Parents With Questions, a movement opposed to mandated vaccinations, which are intricately linked to digital vaccine passports.


What do digital passports mean for everyday Australians? Their introduction fast tracks us towards the Surveillance State, with technocratic governance via ID tracking. This dystopian future is reliant on smart networks such as 5G to succeed.


Injections will not bring back our freedoms, nor a digital scorecard.




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