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Finding your essence in a technology-obsessed world with guest Tom Barnett

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Episode 3 – The importance of finding your essence in a technology-obsessed world with guest Tom Barnett

Tom Barnett spent over a decade with chronic fatigue.  He’s well educated with a high intellect, but that doesn’t give an understanding of human health.  His experiences (including visions) and learning methods have given him a unique education.

Tom spent multiple periods living without money, and several stints living without a home.  Because he’s not driven or confined by money, the way he thinks is markedly different.  His mind is free to question and explore paradoxes, as he doesn’t have to support a thought process financially.   From this perspective, he’s been able to see truth from untruth.

More than anything, he has refined the rare art of thinking for oneself.

In this enlightening discussion, Tom and Rinat explore 5G as a choice – why consent makes 5G redundant, finding your power, why our phones are taking us out of our essence and out of nature, (which is where the power is) and stepping up and embodying the solution.

Show Notes

4:30 Importance of community, collective like-minded consciousness and human to human contact

9:35 5G is an offer – why your non-consent Is critical + commercial law!

13:20 Are you upgrading your addiction or are you upgrading your phone? Find out how to stop feeding your mobile phone addiction!

18:00 Our phones are taking us out of our essence and nature, which is where the power is!

20:11 Spoon-feeding – the power in doing the work, finding out our own information and answers and why stepping into nature and empowerment is the antidote for fear!

 25:00 – Technology vs nature – why our devices are taking us out of the moment.

Check out the short snippets of the interview below:

5G is an offer -why consent makes 5G redundant

Are 5G phones an upgrade of addiction?

You cannot immerse yourself fully in nature whilst taking selfies

Outside of his work as a researcher and educator, Tom is a keen surfer, writes music and enjoys travel, food, nature, martial arts, comedy and meditation. Find out more about Tom here.


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