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When We Reclaim The Line, We Reclaim The Australian Spirit!

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When We Reclaim The Line, We Reclaim The Australian Spirit with guest Graham Hood

On Friday 1 October, thousands of Australians peacefully gathered in more than 20 locations across the nation for #ReclaimTheLine strikes against vaccination digital passports and mandates for industry and frontline workers.

Strikes were held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and a range of regional centres including the QLD/NSW border towns of Tweed Heads and Coolangatta.

Graham Hood, QANTAS pilot who resigned from his aviation career of 53 years, captures the spirit of Australia and acts as the voice of all workers who have lost not only their jobs, but their lifelong dreams.

Graham who shot to social media fame opposing government policies on mandatory vaccinations in a viral video he made, spoke at the QLD/NSW border strike to a crowd of about 2000. He recently handed in his resignation in protest to QANTAS, ending a successful career in the field.

“We are losing our nation. We are losing our spirit. Our boyhood and girlhood dreams are being dashed because somebody decides there is a mandate they cannot go along with,” Graham said.

“I have a chance to be the voice for the ANZACs, I have the chance to be a voice for the spirit of Australia. I wanted to be a pilot since I was 5 years old. I am talking on behalf of the hundreds and hundreds of pilots who have that same dream.”

 Find out more about the message from the #ReclaimTheLine QLD/NSW Border strike, see Salt Air Cinema’s interview below.

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Graham spoke to Rinat about what it means to Reclaim the Australian Spirit and what Graham means when he says “My integrity is worth more than my career”.

For more information join National Education United

We Are Not SAM stands shoulder to shoulder with National Education United, a movement opposed to mandated vaccinations, which are intricately linked to digital vaccine passports.

What do digital passports mean for everyday Australians? Their introduction fast tracks us towards the Surveillance State, with technocratic governance via ID tracking. This dystopian future is reliant on smart networks such as 5G to succeed.

Injections will not bring back our freedoms, nor a digital scorecard.

It’s now or never. United we stand to Reclaim The Line.


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