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VIDEO: Rinat in conversation with Mindwars host Chris Ryan

Mind Wars Podcast – VIDEO


Scientists, doctors and ex-insiders around the world are standing up to the telco industry and blowing the whistle against the lies, corruption and real dangers associated with 5G rollout.

#WeAreNotSAM is a creative campaign for critical thinkers around the world.

Created by Rinat Strahlhofer, a former marketing specialist for the largest telecommunications company in Australia during the $1 billion 3G rollout.

She soon realised that the sales hype surrounding the rollout was being prioritised over the community’s (very real) concerns over the new network’s potential health and safety impacts.

Deeply disillusioned by the lack of industry regulation – not to mention safety science – Rinat left her role and Australia for almost a decade.

On her return to Byron Bay in May 2019, she was drawn to ‘putting things right’ by joining the Northern Rivers for Safe Technology group. Today, she is one of the group’s core strategists and part of the collective of activist parents on the frontlines.

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