INTERVIEW: With Devra Davis from Environmental Health Trust.

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489 million 5G phones are expected to be rolled out in 2021.

If the environmental hazards associated with their production, use, and disposal don’t bother you, maybe the safety implications will.

 In this exclusive interview with EHT founder Devra Davis, Rinat and Tashi describe how they came to understand the dangers of wireless radiation and how they are fighting to boycott the expansion of 5G, which isn’t a replacement to 3G and 4G, but rather an addition to it that causes more and more radiation exposure to the public as well as to our flora and fauna. “When it comes to safety, we just assume that it’s there, and we’re using devices under the assumption that regulatory bodies are taking care of safety,” Strahlhofer said. “Right now we’re faced with a rigged test. …. At what point do we draw a line in the sand?”

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