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Behind The Scenes Interviews

Behind The Scenes Interviews

1. The Gaia Code – Interview with Rinat Strahlhofer, Executive Producer and We Are Not SAM creator

Rinat Strahlhofer explains the vision and purpose behind the film, and why it’s message is so potent when it comes to the smartphones and other devices we use every day.


2. The Gaia Code – Interview with Salome Ochoa Arango, Actress

The Gaia Code’s central character is Salome Ochoa Arango, a Columbian born actress and Byron Bay local. Find out what compelled her to step into this role as the film’s lead ambassador.


3. The Gaia Code- Interview with Emma Wise, Photographer

The Gaia Code’s photographer Emma Wise explains why the power of the message is best seen through storytelling and imagery.


4. The Gaia Code – Elfie Jade, Body Artist
The Gaia Code’s body artist Elfie Jade speaks into why art is a transformative portal to opening one’s mindset to the film’s narrative and message.



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