We Are Not SAM – The Film!

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We Are Not SAM – The Film! 


Connected, interconnected, disconnected. This is our world, evolving and dynamic as we constantly adjust ourselves to the latest innovations – and invasions – of technology. 

We’re attached to our technology. We take our phones into the forest with us to capture photos, we use our devices for directions to get there. We think we’re ‘checking in’ by posting and scrolling, but we’re really checking out. We’re attached to our technology, and our technology is attached to us, literally. 

We trust that our wearable technology is safe, because we’re told it has been tested for safety.

We trust that our phones are safe, because we’re told they’ve passed the tests for safety.

We trust that electro-magnetic frequencies are safe, because they’ve been tested – right?

Right-tested by the very same companies that manufacture the products, for a profit.

It’s not too different from a cigarette manufacturer saying that cigarettes are safe for us to smoke, because they’ve tested them and they deem them safe. 

What kind of testing, we might ask? On whom, or what, were they tested? Over what period of time?

These are the questions that we want answers to.

How much are we really paying when we buy this technology? 

What is the real cost to us, to our minds, to our community, to our long term health?

Globally, mobile phones are tested for safety on a liquid-filled, plastic dummy head called SAM.  

A mobile phone is placed next to the dummy head for six minutes, and if the increase in temperature is less than 1 degree, the phone is considered safe for human use. 

Our ears, which we hold our mobile phones against, are right next to our brains.

Our pockets, which we carry our phones in, are pressed against our digestive and reproductive organs.

SAM is a manufactured plastic dummy.

SAM has no brain, no stomach, no reproductive system, no internal organs.

SAM is not at risk of cancer. In fact, SAM is made of carcinogenic matter.

SAM is what mobile phones are tested on for ‘safety’.

SAM was given a name to make him sound more human, in an effort to make us believe our human bodies are comparable to a plastic dummy. 

‘Safety testing’ is named to deliver the illusion of safety. 

If SAM was called his real name, it would be Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin or Petrochemical Compound.

If ‘safety testing’ was called its real name, it would be ‘hazard inducing’.


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