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PRESS RELEASE: The We Know Show Podcast Shines a Light on the Inconvenient Truths & The Way Forward in a Device-Obsessed World

PRESS RELEASE: The We Know Show Podcast Shines a Light on the Inconvenient Truths & The Way Forward in a Device-Obsessed World


 The We Know Show Podcast Shines a Light on the Inconvenient Truths & The Way Forward in a Device-Obsessed World

Former-telco-marketer-turned-safe-tech-activist Rinat Strahlhofer has launched The We Know Show, a podcast and video platform with hard-hitting conversations on the good, the bad and the ugly of technology.

Two powerhouse women are featured in the launch episodes. Fearless activist and researcher Alison McDowell, takes a deep dive into how telcos are moving us towards The Internet Of Bodies (IoB) – where human bodies are able to transmit information via the Internet. Attorney and leading advocate against 5G Dafna Tachover reveals the biggest lie ever told in the telco industry.

At a time when technology dominates our time, our thoughts and even our privacy, The We Know Show aims to inspire people to stand up to the destructive forces of corporate greed

“The tech titans have us addicted to devices they claim are safe because these devices, particularly 5G, feed data mining and the surveillance state. It is time for us to be savvy and safe with our devices – and to question the mantra of ‘bigger, better, faster’ at all costs,” warns Rinat.

The We Know Show comes from a place of unveiling the inconvenient truths and sharing truth. At the end of the day, there is an inner knowing there are many things being concealed from us by mainstream media and otherwise. We know that big lies are being told, we know our governments do not prioritise our health and freedoms, and we know smart phones are engineered for addiction.”

Rinat said while technology undeniably brought “the gift of connection”, there was also an underbelly that could not be ignored. We Know was fuelled by a desire to empower people to make inspired change in their homes and communities.

“We want a better world for our children, a world where truth prevails,” she said.

The We Know Show will feature high-calibre thought leaders from different fields, including visionaries, independent scientists, activists and lawyers. It will also have as guests health and wellbeing experts and influencers from all corners of the globe.

Rinat said in an age where censorship was growing and fake news was seemingly everywhere, the show was designed for the critical thinkers in the community who were willing to re-imagine a better future.

“We want to invite listeners to reconnect with the human spirit, with nature and to inspire action, not only for humanity but most importantly in themselves,” she said. “This is not about being anti-technology, but about having technology serve us in a way that invites true meaning.”

Rinat Strahlhofer is a prominent spokeswoman for the Northern Rivers for Safe Technology group, a mother-of-one and the creator of the global We Are Not SAM campaign, which exposes how Big Telco have used a fraudulent test to license mobile phones and wireless technology. She is based in Byron Bay.

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