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When the mainstream media makes a pointed attack on a 4 trillion-dollar industry – it would be silly not to question WHY?

Last week The Guardian  attacked the Wellness industry and repurposed the influencer Sarah Wilson with her rehashed opinion piece about ‘conspiritualism’ from 2020 where she describes herself as “a veteran (albeit retired) of the wellness realm”. 

Well, well, well...


Let’s talk about Sarah as a leading voice on climate change in Australia now. 

We wonder if she has done her “own research” on the contentious issue of 5G. Has she gone down the rabbit hole on that one? Her publicly stated “adherence to the scientific method” has been written by her own hand and yet she has never (publicly) drawn the dots between 5G infrastructure – energy consumption – and the massive increase in greenhouse gases this will create worldwide. 

We have to wonder why someone so invested in the climate change narrative, would not address the devastating impact 5G will have on the climate, let alone the environment and humanity? 

Is eating organic food a conspiracy theory?


Influencers certainly have an important responsibility to cut through the government propaganda and mainstream media white noise. To “dis” an entire industry that advocates for Wellness is a cheap shot and a diversion tactic (not unlike the media’s obsession with QAnon – clearly another distraction when we could be talking about the dummy in the room).

So that brings us to the pointy edge of the self-responsibility piece we often bang on about.

If you are an influencer in the Wellness realm, what are you doing to mitigate wireless radiation exposure for your clients, customers and followers? 

Are you talking about 5G?

To be a yoga teacher, streaming meditative tunes via Bluetooth to your speakers is NOT WELLNESS. 

We can’t come together in sacred spaces and groups with everyone keeping their phones on and emitting harmful EMFs and experience true wellness.

Is meditation and yoga a conspiracy theory?


With 50,000+ low flying orbit satellites approved to be blanketing the earth in microwave wireless radiation, billions of devices planned to be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and nearly half a billion 5G mobile devices set to be released on the market in 2021 – there is no other time than now to come together and take a stand (you are invited Sarah also). 

We can not trust fraudulent decades of old testing on a plastic dummy head to protect us.

Is the link between mobile phones and brain cancer a conspiracy theory?


So just to be really clear #wearenotsam stands with the Wellness industry and we invite all the influencers and groups out there to come together and take a stand against the greatest threat to our human health and environment.

We also invite you to read “A Letter to Greta Thunberg: how 5G contributes to climate change” by Katie Singer 

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  1. Thank you for this thoughtful article! I can’t attend a normal gym class or workout space due to the wireless radiation flying around the place – even going for a run around my community here in Dubai can give me a headache. I’m electrically sensitive and honestly I feel it’s a blessing as I’m constantly reminded to avoid what is harming me (imagine being able to smell lead or asbestos!). However it is also isolating and frustrating. Is the workout worth the masses of oxidative stress I’m gain by doing it? Or the depression the following day? No.. Simply no.

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