Who Is SAM?

Meet SAM, aka the
Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin

SAM is a plastic dummy used by the telecommunications industry across the world to test the heating effects of 5G wireless radiation of mobile phones.



Safety testing for 5G phones is performed on a dummy called SAM!

Did you think there was rigorous testing done on your mobile phone to ensure your safety?
Well there isn’t.
The testing is fraudulent and so very flawed, yet it’s still the only means by which your ‘smart’ phone is tested for human safety. On a ‘dummy’.

How the test works

The SAM plastic head is filled with a liquid to see if it heats up one degree within a 6-minute call (sometimes 30 minutes). If it doesn’t heat up by 1 degree then it is deemed safe, and given the tick of approval.

A few details worth noting about SAM.

1. The dummy is meant to represent us aka the average human, except that there is nothing average about SAM.

2. SAM’s head (which is what is being tested) is based on a 100kg, six-foot tall adult male military recruit. Does that describe you? We didn’t think so.

3. Only 3% of the population fit the stereotype of SAM.

What sort of “safety” oversight only protects 3% of the population?

But wait there’s more…
Did you know that manufacturers recommend that mobile phone devices be held at distances of 5 to 25 millimeters away from the body to meet the safety standards? No? Don’t worry, most people don’t. The reason they say this is because the SAM dummy is designed in such a way that its ‘ear’ can be as much as 10 millimeters away from the mobile phone during testing.
The problem with this is that most mobile phone users put their phones directly to their heads.
Like we said, flawed!

“When profits trump truth and safety, it’s time to think critically”

The truth is that the majority of adults have smaller and thinner skulls than SAM, not to mention children who couldn’t be any further away from the 100kg military recruit prototype. Research confirms that the radiation absorption for a 10-year old is up to 150% higher than that of the SAM dummy!
With so much technology on the market these days surely, it’s safe right?
The reason there is so much technology available to us is because of SAM. Testing on a non-biological dummy means that nothing is actually being tested and Big Telco and Big Tech can continue to exist and profit off a tech-addicted world.

Videos exposing SAM…