Why the Stop 5G signs?…

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For anyone familiar with the Northern Rivers region, you will know that it has a long history of standing up to big corporations. One of the most effective campaigns was on coal seam gas (CSG) with its unforgettable ‘Lock the Gate‘ sign.

Why the Stop 5G signs?

In the same way that gas is invisible, so is electro-smog, also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) which 5G emits.

In the same way that the Federal Government declared that best practice fracking has little to no impact on the environment, we now have the same Government declaring there is no evidence technologies such as 5G cause adverse health impacts. Telcos are pouring millions into marketing campaigns to convince us of this too.



* Existing EMR levels caused by wireless technology are already associated with multiple health risks for humans, according to independent scientific studies. Children are most at risk of harm.

* 5G phones have never been tested for safety on humans, only on a plastic dummy head filled with liquid.

* 5G relies on small cell antenna which need to be placed about every 250m on a street.

* Studies show 5G can have devastating effects on bees, insects and other natural life.

The Stop 5G signs are a reminder that not everything is as it seems. Critical thinking and more research are needed to best position our community for the future.

The great news is that there are Council elections this year.

We urge all current and future Councillors to stand with us and build on the moratorium momentum unanimously voted on last year.



Let’s put the Byron Shire on the map as Australia’s showcase region as a fibre optics capital.

* Fibre is NOT the energy-consuming beast that 5G is and will more likely meet Council’s Net Zero Emissions targets by 2027.

* Fibre is safe, secure, faster, and more equitable than 5G.

* Fibre doesn’t need more mobile phone base stations to be built.



Step 1: Boycott 5G phone. Simply don’t buy them. 489 million 5G smartphones expected to go on the market in 2021. By boycotting 5G phones you are disabling the networks ability to communicate with the 5G infrastructure. Talk with friends, family, neighbours, schools – spread the word!

Step 2: Read and download (Page 5 for Action Steps) Strategy-Kit-to-STOP5G

Step 3: Find out where 5G is being rolled out in Australia.

Step 4: Download the signs for printing here and work with local communities to put up on their gates and letterboxes. You can’t see radiation but you can’t miss the signs.

Step 5. Know your stuff – stay informed! Sign the We Are Not SAM petition and sign up for the We Are Not SAM News, keep an eye out on our Instagram for truth bombs and the latest information. Learn more from We Are Not SAM  and ORSAA .

We literally hold the remote control in our hands and it’s time to put a stop to this madness.

If we want to have a world with Safe Technology we must have proper safety testing and put a halt to any further deployment of Fifth Generation infrastructure.

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