PODCAST INTERVIEW: Denby Does Dharma – Your Phone Is Not Your Friend

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It was a joy and a privilege to finally connect with another soul sister, Rinat Strahlhofer.

After working for Telstra as a marketing strategist for many years and was part of the team in charge of the massive $1 billion 3G rollout, Rinat started to smell a rat; and I’m not talking PCR.

Her intuition led her to discovering that the so-called “testing” technique employed by all telecommunications companies to gauge the heating effects of mobile phones on humans – SAM, short for “specific anthropomorphic mannequin” – is in fact, rigged AND unregulated and has been for decades.

Not being one to back down from a challenge, Rinat embarked on a deep and often disturbing journey, uncovering truths, lies and myriad (actual) conspiracies that have been concocted by the industry to make us believe our devices are safe. What she uncovered left her overwhelmed and despondent and subsequently she left the corporate world to take nearly a decade off to recoup and pursue other interests with family in Switzerland.

In 2019 she returned to Byron Bay and fortuitously connected with some local activists sharing information about EMF pollution and the dangers of the then-impending, 5G. Inspired – and fueled by her own rising mama bear instincts – she joined the Northern Rivers for Safe Technology group and has been a core strategist and speaker of truth ever since.

#WeAreNotSam is the result of her hard work and dedication to educating people about the dangers associated with our (literal) addiction to mobile phones and other devices. It is a (growing) campaign supported by and consisting of whistleblowers from the legal, medical, scientific, telco and activist industries, dedicated to “safe technology” and offering alternatives to what the machine that is, “Big Brother-Big Tech-and-Big Pharma”, relentlessly pushes upon humanity.

There are many layers to this interview and several “truth bombs” shared, covering everything from to Terrain Theory to Transhumanism, so please watch it a couple of times so you absorb everything and grasp all the connections that we discuss.

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