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To 5G or Not To 5G?
That’s the trillion dollar question

The Gaia Code


“5G is a symptom of our disconnection from Mother Earth and the natural way of life. This film comes at an important moment in time as we have the choice to gravitate towards healing and reconnection. The alternative is self-destruction.”

- Jarmbi Githabul, Original Custodian Northern Rivers, Australia

In the beginning, there was Mother Earth. Then the technology came and took over the world. Evocative and visually arresting, ‘The Gaia Code’ delves into the multifaceted effects of smart phones and 5G, the next generation of wireless technology.

The film touches on the impact of devices on our health, wellbeing and privacy through digital surveillance and the Internet of Bodies, leaving us with a knowing that our reckoning is yet to come.

‘The Gaia Code’ also reminds us that when we live in harmony with ourselves and with the Earth, we better understand ourselves and our purpose in the world. We can then take responsibility for the role that we play in our community and become truly empowered - individually and collectively.

The Power is in Your Hands!

The power
is in your


The Making Of The Gaia Code

The Making Of The Gaia Code

1. The Gaia Code – The Making Of. Take a look backstage at how The Gaia Code came together with…
Behind The Scenes Interviews

Behind The Scenes Interviews

1. The Gaia Code – Interview with Rinat Strahlhofer, Executive Producer and We Are Not SAM creator Rinat Strahlhofer explains…
To 5G or Not To 5G? An Indigenous Perspective

To 5G or Not To 5G? An Indigenous Perspective

Writer: Briony Dalton Editor: Paul Pritchard 5G––It’s almost everywhere. Towers are scattered across the land, cell boxes line the streets…
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