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Over the last 18 months, Northern Rivers for Safe Technology in Byron Bay has been working behind the scenes on the We Are Not SAM (WANS) campaign #WeAreNotSAM.


The campaign exposes one of the biggest scams of all time – on the scale of the tobacco and asbestos frauds!


This time, it has to do with our smart phones.


It has to do with the way the multi-trillion dollar telecommunications industry is getting away with treating us like dummies, and putting our kids and planet at risk by using mobile phone safety standards that involve testing on a plastic dummy head!!






Yep, you heard right.  Mobile phones, including the 5G phones coming to market now, are tested for 6 minutes on a plastic dummy head filled with liquid.


This dummy is called a Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin – aka SAM.


If the liquid inside dummy SAM doesn’t heat up by more than 1 degree Celsius, it’s certified as safe and millions of these “tested” smart phones go for sale.


Warning: this is not a biological test done on REAL PEOPLE. No skin, no organs, no bones, no DNA, no cells.


Another thing is that dummy SAM’s head is based on a 100-kilogram, 6 foot military recruit. SAM doesn’t represent children, women or the elderly. Many people have smaller and thinner skulls than SAM, and research shows children absorb 150% more radiation that this dummy SAM.


Let’s be super clear about one thing: Northern Rivers for Safe Technology is NOT against technology. We want to ensure the so-called “safety testing” for phones is NOT rigged, and that there is accountability and transparency from regulators, manufacturers and the industry.





So to all you smart phone users out there, especially parents of young kids who use phones, listen up!


1) 5G phones have never been tested for safety on humans. Instead they are tested on a plastic dummy head filled with liquid (seriously!). We know we’ve said this already, but it’s important to say it again because it’s so hard to believe.


2) 5G phones (and previous generations of phones) are designed to get us addicted to technology and screens (think The Social Dilemma).


3) 5G will boost ‘big brother’ surveillance capabilities of big tech and other industries.


4) 5G phones and towers disrupt the navigation of honey bees and cause colony collapse.


5) 5G phones will further escalate demand for precious metals in the industry of conflict mining.






One of the easiest ways to let the telcos know that we’re onto them is to boycott 5G phones!!


Rather than buy a 5G phone for yourself or your kid for Christmas, find something else shiny and new (or even better, recycled or upcycled) that won’t be a risk for you, your family or the earth.


It’s that simple.






Help us make the telcos accountable.


As a financial contributor to WANS, you will act as a sponsor of Truth by supporting these following campaigns:


– pushing for new standards around mobile phone safety testing, including the use of biological testing (on real humans rather than plastic dummy heads).


– a range of education, advocacy and awareness projects around the risks of 5G and other wireless radiation devices.


– inspired artistic action such as the street art we’ve already been commissioning for our Insta and other social media platforms – plus a host of other world-class creative projects.


– commissioning amazing artists, creatives and media personalities to help us take the safe technology message GLOBAL (we have them on standby).


– creating environmentally friendly merchandising to spread the safe technology message.


In a time of increasing censorship and freedom to protest, the We Are Not SAM campaign is an act of revolution. Join the movement from the comfort of your couch.


Donate what you can to make WANS a global success. Our aim is to raise $50,000 as a starting point so we can focus on our priority objectives without distraction. The campaign is completely volunteer run, so we need your help NOW!!

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