Questioning the status quo of bigger, better, faster!

Founded by former-telcom-marketer-turned-safe-tech-activist Rinat Strahlhofer, The We Know Show is a podcast and video platform that delivers hard-hitting conversations on the good, the bad and the ugly of technology.  

Our mission is to share with you with the information that the mainstream media conveniently censors and omits. We know that big lies are being told, we know our governments do not prioritise our health and freedoms, and we know smart phones are engineered for addiction and surveillance. 

 While technology undeniably has brought “the gift of connection”, there is also an underbelly that cannot be ignored. The We Know Show is fueled by a desire to empower people to take inspired change in their homes and communities. 

 Inconvenient truths, nefarious agendas, government overreach, corruption – we’re not about concealment, we’re here to expose and to illuminate the information that matters by interviewing world-renowned experts and freedom-oriented visionaries. We feature high-calibre thought leaders from different fields including visionaries, independent scientists, activists and lawyers.  

The We Know Show isn’t here to make the truth digestible, we’re here to make it accessible. We have a responsibility to shift the power. We have a platform that allows us to get creative and we invite you to join us as we ask the question “What am I going to do next?”.  

The We Know Show is not here to make you feel comfortable, we’re here to give you a ‘wake up call’ and get you thinking critically so together we can re-imagine a better future.  

About your host, Rinat Strahlhofer.

Hey, welcome to The We Know Show. I’m your host Rinat Strahlhofer and I’m a serial entrepreneur, truth seeker, creativity chaser andmarketing specialist. I’m absurdly driven, eternally optimistic, and blue jeans, passport stamps, dancing to live music, hearing people speak from their heart make me truly cheer. Oh, and pyjamas.

In a former life I worked for Australia’s biggest telecommunications company and was exposed to a myriad of inconvenient truths concerning the lack of rigorous safety testing that was directly impacting the health of billions worldwide. In a twisted universal way it was actually the best thing that could have happened to me. It gave me a very clear and potent mission – to create harmony, reignite the human spirit and to reimagine a better future, with grit and determination to boot.

I have a “get real” approach when it comes to storytelling and so do the guests I feature on The We Know Show. ‘Real’ is just another way of saying ‘speak your truth’ and every guest adds to the treasure chest of truths we’re unpacking so that we can restore unity and return to (human) nature. Sometimes the conversations might feel heavy or uncomfortable, but that’s just because the veil is finally being lifted on truths that have always existed, and you’re experiencing it for the first time. I’m not anti-technology, I just want to shine a light on how to be healthy, safe and “human” in a technology-obsessed world.

Override your programming with guest David Icke

50 mins
Episode 22

Pronounced dead, put in a body bag then given a 3 day access pass to heaven with guest Vincent Tolman

110 mins
Episode 21

How we stay healthy, conscious and ”human” in a tech-obsessed world with guest Charles Eisenstein

70 mins
Episode 20

Luminous Education – changing the culture of education with guest Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

90 mins
Episode 19

You were called to be here, and it’s Showtime with guest Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

90 mins
Episode 18

Keeping your lights on for humanity with guest Dr. Christiane Northrup

90 mins
Episode 17

The 80/20 rule: paying more attention to solutions in 2023 with guest Joseph Yi MD, aka Street MD

75 mins
Episode 16

Outsmarting wireless radiation with guest Prof. Olle Johansson

60 mins
Episode 15

Engineering digital wellness in a tech-obsessed world with guest Daniel Debaun

60 mins
Episode 14

No biological science behind mobile phone safety testing with guest Prof. Om Gandhi.

60 mins
Episode 13

Questioning The Way, Not The Why with guest Dr. Amandha Dawn Vollmer.

90 mins
Episode 12

EMF Mitigation on The Way Forward Virtual Summit with Rinat Strahlhofer

60 mins
Episode 11

How We Rise Above Biomedical Tyranny with guest Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

60 mins
Episode 10

Drs. Calling Out Wireless Radiation – The Invisible Toxin with guest Dr Jess Peatross

45 mins
Episode 9

Reclaiming yourself in the age of tech addiction with Kelly Brogan MD

60 mins
Episode 8

Rinat the Apocaloptimist!

45 mins
Episode 7

Bringing Back Curiosity and Conversation Concerning The Health Of Our Kids with guest Adam Gibson

40 mins
Episode 6

Cops For COVID Truth – This All Goes Away When We Say NO with guest Alex Cooney

35 mins
Episode 5

When We Reclaim The Line, We Reclaim The Australian Spirit!

40 mins

We were born for this time, we must RECLAIM the line!

40 mins
Episode 4

Finding your essence in a technology-obsessed world with guest Tom Barnett

40 mins
Episode 3

With 5G, are we entering a society worse than anything Orwell imagined with guest Dafna Tachover

Episode 2

How Big Telco is moving us from human beings to internet of bodies with guest Alison McDowell

Episode 1