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We were born for this time, we must RECLAIM the line!

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Episode 4: We were born for this time, we must #Reclaimtheline!


Mack is the powerhouse behind the action group National Education United. The alliance has 20,000+ members, bringing together an army of teachers and workers from multiple industries who are standing united to say no to the Governments’ requirement for mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports.


Mack has dedicated the last 5 years as a passionate and much loved high school biology teacher in Sydney. Before his work as a teacher, Mack devoted his career to health, wellness and fitness for 20 years, completing a degree and masters in sport and exercise science, then going on to inspire and train clients in boxing and weight-lifting.


With his extensive experience and knowledge in natural health and the human body, Mack, who’s also a father of 2, comes from a place of inspired action straight from the heart. His warrior like spirit is the driving force behind the strike Reclaim The Line, rolling out Friday 1 October, 2021.


The strike is a call to action for doctors, police officers, teachers, health workers , fire fighters, pilots, miners, truck drivers and anyone else facing medical discrimination through the Governments’ No Job No Pay policy, to stand united and send a clear message that they will not stand for coercion and tyranny.


Mack is an inspiration, putting himself, his job and career on the line, standing up for humanity, for his profession, for our children, their future and future generations in the fight for freedom and sovereignty. There is nothing more important at this point in history.


This is a not to miss episode where Mack gives us a glimpse into his heart and soul, touching on what it means to be a spiritual warrior, why being non-compliant is not about breaking the law, why the tyranny must stop, he explains why everyone was born for this time and why nothing else matters anymore except freedom and peace!


Show Notes:


2:45 – Mack’s story

5:45 – The slippery slope of mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports and concerns from the industry

9:00 – What it takes to be a spiritual warrior and the call to action for the campaign

12:00 – Being non-compliant isn’t about breaking the law

13:00 – Politicians haven’t been mandated to get the jab

15:00 – Division is unconscionable

16:04 – What does it mean to #ReclaimTheLine?

18:50 – Real health is not something that can be injected

21:30 – Where are the men?

24:43 – Mack’s legacy and bloodlines

30:48 – Everyone was born for this time

32:05 – Living simply is the key to life in this time

32:45 – Nothing else matters anymore except freedom

34:30 – Details of The #ReclaimTheLine strike


Check out the short snippets of the interview below:


Non Compliance is not about breaking the law

This Is Not The Australia We Grew Up In

Injections Will Not Bring Back Our Freedoms

How do you Reclaim The Line?


For more information join National Education United https://t.me/NationalEducationUnited


We Are Not SAM stands shoulder to shoulder with National Education United, a movement opposed to mandated vaccinations, which are intricately linked to digital vaccine passports.

What do digital passports mean for everyday Australians? Their introduction fast tracks us towards the Surveillance State, with technocratic governance via ID tracking. This dystopian future is reliant on smart networks such as 5G to succeed.

Injections will not bring back our freedoms, nor a digital scorecard.

It’s now or never. United we stand to Reclaim The Line.



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